Foods that Feed Cancer

Don’t we just love to eat!?  Eating offers us comfort, energy, nutrition, and so much more.  Even though this is true, sometimes our compulsions and emotions surroundingfood food can be quite harmful.  Let’s face it, when you battle with cancer, you do not need to arm the enemy, now do you?  AND, if you cook for someone who struggles with cancer, you would hate to offer foods that could be harmful.

We will address which are the most dangerous foods where cancer development and progression are concerned in this first blog of a 4 blog series.  But to start off, let’s get our heads on straight about how we see food.

Our culture teaches us that we deserve whatever our mind or body wants.

We should be comforted and happy at every turn.  It sounds nice, doesn’t it?  Sort of like Disney Land on the 24/7!  Well, its just not reality.  Even at Disney Land the fantasy experience has a high price and is not as simple as it looks.  Behind the scenes employees are working to clean up the mess and keep reality out of the fantasy.  That’s all well and good for vacation, but life IS real.  Actions have logical outcomes.

The truth is that we CAN do anything we want, the question is…

Do we want what comes next?

We stay so busy and stressed out that it has just become a way of life to feed ourselves based on comfort and convenience.   Mmmmmm, delicious and fast, these foods rev us up and please our mouths.  Well, the funny thing is that the foods we pick up on the fly, and the foods that comfort our stress are killing our bodies.  What the mouth and mind want is going to war on our bodies as soon as we swallow.  These bites of comfort are like Trojan horses passing the gate easily so that they can reek havoc on our cells.


So, let’s take a look at the top 10 foods to avoid when being concerned about cancer….


Take a moment to think about these foods.  It can be hard to consider cutting particular items off the list, much less purging the entire list from our life.  And yes, I said LIFE.  We think in terms of “diet” when we think of foods, but it comes down to priorities and the resulting life-style we choose.

We all know that often times those who love us frequently love us with harmful foods.

Shoot, we do that to ourselves, don’t we!

Our inner voice tells us:

  • “I have had a hard day, I deserve an ice cream”
  • “I feel horrible, wouldn’t a big chicken pot pie make it all better”
  •  “He has always brought me chocolate covered strawberries on our anniversary because he loves me!”

But, if you are serious about making your body a healthy place, a place that is difficult for cancer to survive, and a place where healthy cells can abound, this information is really important for you to consider.  If you are serious about helping someone who is struggling in this area, this information is really important to consider for you, too.

These foods encourage cancer cells to develop, and then once the cancer develops these foods are to tumor growth what gas is to a fire.  Gosh, think about it in terms of cancer being your invader…if you had a murderous invader in your home that was there to slowly suck the life from your body, would you feed it nutritious and appealing foods so that he would flourish?   Or would you offer something a lot less healthy and appealing?  I don’t know about you, but at the very least I would offer foods that encourage him to leave or better yet starve or poison him out!  Sounds harsh I know, but this is about survival!

So now that you are armed with some truth about foods and cancer, what will you do?


You can ignore it and tell yourself that, “Everything gives us cancer (snark),” and just consider it too overwhelming a thing to tackle, OR you can be proactive about taking your health back.  You can be empowered with this knowledge and seek out more information, because there is PLENTY of information out there.  You may want to check into the “Dirty Dozed Fruits and Veggies.”   Just google it!

If you are interested in nutrition as it relates to cancer, please go to our free audio podcast at , then go to the “Podcast Links” button at the bottom of the page to find the following titles:

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You can also find great information from the girls who wrote Kicking Cancer in the Kitchen including their blog at

Ok, I know that the “food talk” is loaded with emotion and can feel overwhelming, but hang with me guys!  A new blog on “Foods that Restore Your Body During Chemotherapy” will be posted next.  Just remember, I am always in your corner.

XOXOX, Sharon