Where the Rubber Meets the Road!

We all speculate with great confidence what we would do if our spouse cheats, if “that woman spoke to me like that,” if our kids acted like THAT in Wal-Mart, or if our closest friend needed us.  And many of … Continue reading

Football: It’s Just a Game

When I told my husband this morning that I was going to write my blog about college football and the subject would be It’s Just a Game he immediately said:  “Some of your readers might had agree with you on … Continue reading

Listen . . . to Your Body

What does this really mean, anyway? “Listen” to your body?  How do you listen to something that does not speak?  Well, first you learn how a body communicates.  Instead of words a body will clue you into its wants, needs, … Continue reading

Isolation & Pride

It is difficult to imagine being unable to lift a laundry basket of clothes, becoming inordinately winded walking up a flight of stairs, or being restricted from cleaning your own toilet, but this odd combination of limitations are familiar to … Continue reading

Kayaking for the Kids

Yesterday definitely provided the content for my Not Just Surviving but Thriving Tidbit of the Day! For anyone out there that does not follow our free show The Cancer Survivor Show (http://thecancersurvivorshow.com), Sharon and I always end the show with … Continue reading

Hitting “The Wall” & Cancer Treatment

Just before the fifth chemo treatment, Elaine (my chemo comrade) and I hit “the wall.”  Neither one of us could imagine walking back into the clinic for our next treatment.  Both of us actually contemplated discontinuing chemo (shocking, right?).  Of … Continue reading