Kayaking for the Kids

Yesterday definitely provided the content for my Not Just Surviving but Thriving Tidbit of the Day! For anyone out there that does not follow our free show The Cancer Survivor Show (http://thecancersurvivorshow.com), Sharon and I always end the show with … Continue reading

Hitting “The Wall” & Cancer Treatment

Just before the fifth chemo treatment, Elaine (my chemo comrade) and I hit “the wall.”  Neither one of us could imagine walking back into the clinic for our next treatment.  Both of us actually contemplated discontinuing chemo (shocking, right?).  Of … Continue reading

It’s a Grassroots Movement – Kind Of

Although the term grassroots movement originates from the political sector, Sharon and I like to use the term as it applies to our backpax mission.  Let me explain… If one goggles the term grassroots movements they will find that it … Continue reading

New Beginnings

In the beginning, Lucy and I set off on a mission of hope to provide the perfect gift for a woman who was going to begin chemotherapy for breast cancer. We wanted to offer this gift opportunity to ease her … Continue reading


Most people do not like change. Change can make us anxious and uneasy.  But, “NEW BEGINNINGS” can be disguised by the fear of change.  So much change for Sharon & I and Got Your BackPax Support Systems this week! No … Continue reading

Sometimes it’s just you & your path . . .

Contemplating the drive down a long and solitary country road this morning at “dark-thirty,” many things run through my mind.  Of course me being human, that old desire for companionship glints in my heart.  But with the knowledge that this … Continue reading

Mid September and Pink is in the Air

As the month of October rapidly approaches, a “pink buzz” is in the air: Awareness events are being carefully formed Speakers are being lined up Pink shirts, ties, and other clothing apparel are being ordered Banners are being prepared to … Continue reading

Nature Reclaims Progress Quickly

Have you ever noticed a building (once alive with activity) which is now clearly abandoned?  At one time the yards were mowed, the paint was fresh and the place was well maintained.  But now when you pass, the shutters are … Continue reading